• Nothing can replace all that nature offers us to live and oversteer on earth.    Nature's anger

    And as soon as the revolt was declared by the man against nature, the fate of humanity on earth has become dangerous and threatening to human health, envirronnement and stability of life at all levels.

    In short, we destroy ourselves even with our hands and our intelligence, to achieve figures of ordinary business before we gave nature ...


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  • Every weekend, Mother Nature invites us to meet him in its vast forests, rivers, mountains or seas, and she welcomes us with tenderness and joy and the infinite love of a mother loves her child .


    She knows that we are stressed in town, in our work, in our daily lives that have no end, no explanation.


    Sitting in her arms, she smiles, she looks at us,


    She does everything she can do to make us happy in his arms.    http://www.perinstallcash.com/register/21504


    But once the sun hides behind some dark clouds and it started to rain a few minutes


    After the sun appears and smils our Mother Nature.


    The rain was tears, she knows that we are prisoners of the blind civilization devoid of feelings,,,, 


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  • happiness is rarely caress, having accidentally drip to guess his truth and as happiness.

    And who wants to feel his multiple odors, his gentle caresses as descandant of an angel from heaven, should take refuge in the nature of the school spontaniee paisibilite; there are two types of happiness: one, the incoming and the second core; leaving the first reflection unreal, the second, truth of our soul when she finds equilbre, modesty, while appealing and union nature that n is that in reality our old begining of our life behind.

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  • Swimming is a sport that anyone can do,and can pratice easily.

    But is the benefit of all people? youth and adults? men and women? normal and disabled?

    Is it possible to practice throughout the year?

    most people only during summer swim in the beaches or lakes.

    Some people during the summer can not go to the sea or lake to swim?

    Swimming strengthens the body, balance, de-stresses the mind and opens;

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